Tips for construction and remodeling of different real estate

Remodeling and Interior Design

We offer a wide range of innovative business and commercial solutions, in remodeling, enlargement, decoration, architecture, interior design and optimizing the productive spaces in your company.

Office Remodeling

Office remodeling can be a key factor in strengthening the employee spirit of work, creating an ideal environment for productive employee collaboration as well as communicating to customers what your business is all about.

The well-distributed meeting rooms provide a professional environment that invites clients and collaborators to close business while quiet, efficient offices and cubicle spaces provide a private area for employees to focus on and have the purpose of creating spaces with the least number of interruptions.

Think carefully about the reception and the waiting area of ​​your office: Are you professional and welcome you? Does the first impression your business reflect on your valuable contacts expresses the idea that you have about your mission and your philosophy?

While you are thinking of remodeling your office, it is important to consider how materials and finishes can create different sensations in any space in your office. The floors in warm colors together with lots of natural light give the impression of creating very spacious spaces and when well distributed the furniture can create spaces that need less energy consumption and are more productive.

Before making any light decisions about the remodeling of your offices let us visit and evaluate with you the way in which your employees work, either individually or collectively, and what type of interior design or architectural improvements can improve the workflow, as well as the proposals of integration of the internal corporate image that it wants to reflect.

Ensuring productivity and creating an adequate and healthy working environment will increase your performance and make your office a place your employees will be happy to go to every morning.

Restaurant Remodeling

Remodeling a new restaurant or one that already exists can be a complex job. Any type of construction is expensive, but if you are not sure what you are actually doing, it can be extremely costly, both in time and money.

Remodeling of Shops and Commercial Premises

New technologies and increasingly easy access to a great deal of information have generated many changes in our society. The so-called “multimedia culture” exposes us to many messages, symbols, sounds, images and information that modify our daily life by changing our habits and customs.

Hotels remodeling

Hotel remodeling requires the same attention to detail that residential space remodeling requires, but it is important to make sure that renovations do not bother guests and the times are extremely important such as remodeling offices or restaurants With many satisfied customers that we have attended for jobs that are required to be done quickly or with more time, we have gained a great reputation by maintaining the best levels of quality, formality and trying to minimize disruption to the operations of the places we go to work.

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