The new trend in construction glass closures without profiles

Glass is an element that has accompanied humanity for thousands of years. In the modern world, architecture and interior design projects have opted for this material in the present century as a protagonist of all scenarios.

The reason? Glass is a product whose only transparency inspires tranquility and harmony. Therefore, the implementation of this element is intended to offer a panorama where lighting triumphs, where the world can be contemplated without barriers and where thought is made more flexible thanks to the clarity of seeing beyond a solid wall.

Recent research in the world of architecture and design, proving that the implementation of the crystal brings the following results:

A clearer vision of the order and space of places.

  • The assimilation that the concept of reality is much broader, while the crystals do not generate a border between several spaces.
  • Emergence of deep feelings of freedom that take consistency in the minds of people who live in places supplied with glass systems.
  • This is immediately reflected in the tranquility of the people and in a total serenity of their thinking.
  • The use of glass breaks down a tradition where concrete walls mark differences and extinguish the total Cosmo vision of space.
  • Thus, to have the service of glass doors, glass curtains or enclosures of specific places, is to obtain new doors of perception of what it is to inhabit the spaces and feel the comfort that the healthy illusion of open spaces implies.
  • All these studies are based on the impact of light within the same destiny of every human mind.

The glass curtains, on the other hand, is a very bold and original solution that allows to open completely the entire section of a window, since traditionally these have been designed to have as support a side that remains firm, or, that both segments can be displaced, but in the long run only leaving the same rectangular segment through which the air is filtered. The use of glass curtains allows the two or more segments of a window to be retracted, leaving the space of the window frame completely open and favoring better air ventilation.

You will not soon perceive how your decision can change your lifestyle, giving you greater comfort, tranquility and peace.

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