Ideas to build small houses, new alternatives with plans and facades

Discover new trends and alternatives of indoor environments that provide ideas for building small houses, we will see ten designs with plans and facades and two additional ideas using modern construction systems, discover them below.

House built on land of 86 square meters (8 x 10.8 meters)

On the first floor has been built the social area with a small dining room, in the background the kitchen with an attached area to watch TV (Living).

The second floor has three bedrooms and a full bathroom, the master bedroom has walk in closet.

For the facade has been used wooden slats placed in horizontal form, a main entrance wall with brick face and roofs to four waters.

House for narrow and long terrains

The house has been built on a plot of 8.30 (width) x 25.50 (long) meters, on the first floor is located the social area with the room that has the visuals towards interior gardens and terrace, the car port has space for two cars.

On the second floor there are four bedrooms and a small sitting area facing the stairs, all rooms are connected with a linear circulation due to the shape of the ground.

Small house built in 140 square meters

Plans of the house, flat left first floor, right flat bedroom located on second level

The social area of ​​the house has a height and a half roof which allows the feeling of greater amplitude, has a roof formed by two inclined planes, has large windows that reach the tapes which allows excellent natural lighting.

Housing built on square ground of 10.70 x 12.60 meters

The first floor of this house has an interesting distribution of environments, although we find the social area formed by the living room, dining room and kitchen has created a space “separate” for the inclusion of a bedroom located very close to the main entrance what Which gives it greater functional autonomy.

The second floor has three bedrooms and has created an area for hygiene services that has been divided into two, a space (the largest) that includes a tub and shower as well as two lavatories, the second space with a toilet and a laver.

House with social area that opens to the outside

This house has a room located on the first floor that has a large “L” shaped window which allows a complete integration with the interior garden, is ideal for areas where you need to orient the visuals inland.

On the second floor we find a bedroom, a living room (we believe it could become a second bedroom), plus it has a study room.

For the development of this project it is necessary to have a ground that allows to create empty spaces in the front, back and a lateral free space.

House built on narrow ground 7.00 meters wide

In houses with narrow ground it is very possible that a linear circulation for the different environments is needed; this way the first floor has a large dining room, kitchen and space for two cars in the front.

Because the center has designed a pool with a large terrace the house has a length of 37.00 meters which could be shortened if this recreation area is not built.

One bedroom house design with fully conserved dining room

The house has a simple and functional zoning, the front part of a large dining room with large windows that go from floor to ceiling; In the back is designed a bedroom that has a visible Jacuzzi and bathroom, in this case the kitchen has been separated into an environment.

House with modern elements in facade and economic construction

On the first floor we find the design of the room with direct access to a large terrace, the design of the kitchen with island is linear; this construction is possible to do it in terrain with boundaries since the natural illumination is through the front and back.

On the second floor we find two bedrooms, the main has a bathroom and an area for a large vanity or failing a small study area.

Small house of 70 square meters built with three bedrooms

Practical and beautiful house with three bedrooms, separate living room and kitchen (typical distribution of environments); the master bedroom has a bathroom, has a skylight that allows to illuminate a secondary bedroom

A small house that can be built on a lot with boundaries as the natural lighting of the rooms are the front and back of the house plus a skylight that we have seen in the floor plan.


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