Ideas and tips for success in the construction of single family homes

The idea of building our own home is always very attractive and is an adventure that will influence many conditions. It is vital to know how to analyze them and to have them controlled or else what should be our dream could become the worst of our nightmares.

Choose the appropriate plot 

Before acquiring the land we must inform ourselves and analyze the municipal regulations and if their delimitations will allow us to build our new house according to the image and needs we want. In addition to informing us of the building coefficient or the area of ​​occupancy that will allow us to develop, many municipalities will also restrict the use of certain materials, or if we can use flat or sloping roof.

Preconditions and location of the plot

The orientation of the plot, the sunshine or know if we are going to have the main services of supply: water, gas, electricity, fiber, etc. … must be another point to value before purchasing the land to buy for the construction of our house.

Of course a terrain with incredible views is one of the aspects that we all highly value, but also we should take into account aspects of the sun, as well as exposure to wind or different weather conditions.

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